About: Bagru Textiles, India

Love the sound of these guys. Text below copied from http://www.bagrutextiles.com
Bagru Textiles is a Private Limited company founded and located in Bagru, India. Our company is run by the people, and for the people. Through our website and Etsy page we directly connect the block printing artisans of Bagru to their consumers, eliminating the middleman thus saving the consumer money and increasing profits to those creating the products.  Currently the route from artisan to consumer is indirect, that is before reaching the consumer the good changes hands several times wasting time and money. We hope to change that. 

About Us
Using the Internet to connect this small town with the rest of the world provides opportunity for both ends of the supply chain. At one end it gives potential to the people here in Bagru to provide themselves with a better life. A means for exposing its beautiful culture hidden in this village located outside of Jaipur. On the other end custom printing allows for clients to turn their imaginations into a reality. Seeing an intricate design replicated with great detail by our block carvers, and in turn brought to life with the incredible colors created here in Bagru is not just a job, but also an emotional experience. The end result is seen on the smiles and words used by our clients when they receive their designs. “Beautiful”, “amazing”, “exceeded our expectations” have all been used to describe the process of making their designs a reality.
The intricacies within each step of the process are seen in the dedication each artisan has to their craft. Their skills have been developed not over the years, but through generations. Each person in our 16-member society is a master of his or her craft. These members are committed to the ideas established at the founding of Bagru Textiles. With a strict “Know your source” policy, our members are committed to attaining this goal. A 350-year-old tradition has seen little variation since its inception. In a world where we wish to use technology to expedite our production, and cut costs along each step of the way, these people have hung on to the roots of their craft that make it all the more special. These roots are the beating heart of what is going on here at Bagru Textiles, and what we believe provides our company with so much character. There is a love that goes into every wash, every print, every dye, and every block carved that makes the final result so beautiful. The outcome is not a scarf, not a linen, not a headband, but instead a work of art.
Mission and Core Values:
Bagru Textiles is committed to bridging the gap between the artisans, and workers and those who enjoy their products.  These two groups have been separated for centuries by middlemen and exporters.   Bagru Textiles’ mission is to assist local entrepreneurial artisans market their textiles directly to consumers and spread awareness about market visibility with our KNOW YOUR SOURCE policy.
  • Fair Wages, Fair Prices – Each member of the production team is fairly compensated for their contribution to the process.  Eliminating middlemen allows us to provide our consumers with fair prices.
  • Transparency, KNOW YOUR SOURCE – With ever increasing globalization, our stores are being flooded with products from all over the world.  Often there is no accountability as to where or how these products were made.  Any consumer purchasing a Bagru Textiles product can easily discover its origins of production on our website. 
  •  3E Bagru – 30% of our net profits are placed into a community fund. The goals of the fund are to improve aspects of the Bagru community, including education, environment, and entrepreneurship, 3E Bagru.

Profit-Sharing Scheme: 

Bagru Textiles profit-sharing scheme is a system we devised to encourage the participation of the printers of Bagru in the business.  Net profits of Bagru Textiles are used for…

  • 3E Bagru, a community fund (30%)
  • Bagru Textiles Business Investments (50%)
  • Shareholder Dividends (20%)

To become a member of Bagru Textiles, a individual or firm must provide Bagru Textiles with hand block printed samples from their own collection. Once a printer is a member, he or she will receive a voice in how Bagru Textiles is run and managed. Members also have the opportunity to become shareholders, ultimately allowing them to share in the profits of the company.


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